Common Mistakes in Share Market (Part 2)

21 Jun 2022

This is the 2nd part of common mistakes made in share market . So i f u havent read the 1st part make sure you read that one first and then go through part 2.

Sooo lets begin ,,,, 

Dont Invest All Money At Once - Let me help u in getting this point very clear. Usually the investors invest in shares which are recommended by their friends or family members and when they do sooo they invest all the money i.e 100% of their capital at once and later doesnt get the opportunity to buy some good potential and new shares in the market.

So never try to buy the shares from all of your capital at once . Rather divide your capital in four small parts and use that small part of money at once to buy again when the market falls by 10 - 20% take out the 2nd part of the capital and then invest that , again when the market falls take out the 3rd part of the capital and then again invest and sooo on. 

This formula, trick, method whatever u call will never let u loose money in share market and you will never loose the opportunity to buy at lower levels and the risk of losing all the capital will minimised . 

I hope u all will find that helpful . Ifu find this helpful must tell me in the comments and wait for the 3rd part to come. 

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Nice article in the site
Most of the people mistake this one
very helpful article..
Dollar cost averaging is always a great strategy. The hardest part can be staying disciplined and sticking with the plan!!