What does it feel like to really let go of someone?

10 Feb 2023

A person will always love someone deeply in his life, but they are not together in the end, leaving him with endless regrets in his life. So the first thing to do after both parties leave is how to forget that person completely in a short time, so that he can lead a new life on his own. Some people may be able to find the right person quickly, but others may forget over time.

So, I don't think it's easy to let someone go. Some people, no matter how hard they work their whole lives, cannot forget the person they were with when they were young. They find themselves suffering for the rest of their lives and feel extremely anxious, which becomes an obstacle that they cannot overcome in their lives.

Therefore, no matter how much you love each other, while it is difficult for both parties to come together, you still have to let go in the end, which makes many people feel extremely uncomfortable. do The reason for this is that men and women have different personalities and different degrees of liking.

Women pay more attention to emotions than men. At the end of a hard-won love, disappointment is hard for anyone but yourself to feel. Once you loved her so much that you couldn't forget her, but you later abandoned me rudely.

At first it was hard to forget. After all, you and I had an unforgettable bond that was hard for me to forget. I thought you were the love of my life, but in the end, because this man offered to break up, my dream was completely shattered. I can't help but miss that relationship, and it's hard to accept the feeling of disappointment. But when I thought about it later, there was no need to be sad for a man who didn't love me, after all life had to go on.

After that relationship ended, I didn't believe in love easily for a long time, and learned to protect myself. So, I started living alone, even if this journey is very difficult, I still want to make my life colorful, so that I can forget it slowly, life will return to normal, so that I have a chance to wait. .

Both men and women can hardly forget laborious love. Men are much better than women. Even if they break up, they will get out of this trouble as soon as possible. Life must go on.

After a period of time the man will gradually leave the relationship. After all, life is still hard to live. You cannot give up on life completely because of a green leaf and allow yourself to live in sadness all the time.

If you're having trouble ending a relationship, keep trying.

So, I think it's really easy to give up on someone. After all, time will weaken the relationship. So I think that when every relationship ends, we should say goodbye gracefully, remember the parts of the relationship that affected you, and then start a new life on our own, so that May we live to our youth.

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