Hole in Heart Part-1

6 Sept 2022
These 7 symptoms are seen when there is a hole in the heart, these are the early signs of heart disease:

Hole in Heart is considered to be one of the most serious diseases of the heart. There are also congenital holes in the infant or child and sometimes due to repeated infections in the lungs, there is also a sudden hole.

At a young age, the risk of heart attack or heart diseases has started increasing rapidly. Do you know that the hole in the heart is detected many times after many years. But it is not that the body does not get its signals.
Many times there is a hole in the heart in newborn babies and if you get them treated in time, then their life can be saved.

At the same time, many times people ignore the symptoms of a hole in the heart, until it causes a lot of trouble.
Here you are giving complete information related to the causes, symptoms and treatment of hole in the heart. If such symptoms are seen in your child or anyone in the house, then contact the cardiologist immediately.

What is a hole in the heart?

Hole in the heart is a serious disease and it needs to be treated immediately. Basically, a hole in the heart means a hole in the wall between the upper two chambers of the heart. Due to this hole, blood leaks unnecessarily from one chamber to another. Due to this the heart is not able to work properly. Although it is known through ultrasound even before birth that the fetus has a hole in the heart, but only when it is large, but sometimes the small hole is not caught. In such a situation, if parents see any of the following symptoms inside their children, then they should contact the doctor immediately.

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Hole in the heart is a serious disease, which is called congenital heart defect. Sometimes babies are born with a heart defect or a defect in the structure of their heart at birth. Due to this malfunction, the functioning of the heart is affected, which affects the proper blood flow.
It is believed that ventricular septum defect develops during the early stages of fetal development. There is no definite cause of VSD. During the early developmental stage of the heart, there is no septum between the orbits. As the embryo grows, a muscular wall begins to form, separating the sacs from the ventricles.
Think of a hole in the heart in this way, it is a structural problem, which in medical language is called congenital heart disease. Due to a hole in the heart, the normal flow of blood gets disturbed. This damages the internal walls of the heart.