Tales Of The Night 3

17 Sept 2022

It was a cold morning which had not yet seen the lazy sun rise up to it's duty post to massage the atmosphere with warmth. It was a weekend so I wasn't going anywhere, but that had never stopped me from rising up early... But today was different, I felt so lazy to even life a finger. I stayed in bed until it was past 5 before I forced myself up. It was a battle but I dragged my bones and flesh out the room. I mostly staggered with my eyes barely open.

       Almost entering the parlour with my blurry sight, I saw a brown figure close to the floor in the dinning... I wiped my eyes with my hands and shock gripped me as I realized the brown figure was my daughter in my old brown short skirt and crop top, she was bent to the floor trying to pick up a key chain while twisting her waist slowly but seductively. But the bigger shock was my husband's eyes fixated on the squatting female figure. Obviously, his eyes were planted on her undies.

         I tried to think but I couldn't, my legs turned to jelly and my heart began to ache badly. I slowly moonwalked backwards until I disappeared into the dark of the corridor. I tried to forget, I tried to give the benefit of the doubt, but now I stand here looking into my husband's trembling eyes, now there's no doubt.


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