Kelly Much

9 Sept 2022

I just need answers
Who's that Mary girl calling you?
Didn't you say She was your brother's ex
I don't have questions
Who's that lily girl texting you ?

Don't I love you?
Don't I treat you better?

Why is susy calling you again?
I thought she was your ex

What's with all these questions
I await the next one

Have you been stalking me?
Quit this interogation

Change tone

Are you fond of fighting me?
Your insecurities
Have made us turned from best of friends to mere enemies

I don't know if there are
Things I said or did to lose your trust

Change tone

Please just know I'm sorry
Babe please don't ignore me

I know I've been careless
It's obvious I've cared less

Change tone

Never knew you were jealous
Love fails but ours won't fail us

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