Another day at gym (Part 2)

21 Dec 2022

So this is the second part of my gym journey. First part was in previous blog (fitness).
So today what we had to do was to hit back and biceps.
So i went to gym at my regular time of 6:30, doing warm-ups for 15 minutes, in warm-up i did chin ups today then i did :
First exercise was lat pulldown, this exercise is to be done to hit your lats 3 sets of 12,10,8 reps is enough for this exercise . This exercise will target your latissimus dorsi muscle.
Second exercise was deadlift, deadlift is a compound exercise that involves our whole back as well as hamstring and shoulders also. Same 3 sets enough.

Third exercise was seated cable rows, this exercise is good for upper back and for delts same i have done 3 sets. This exercise involve the use of your upoer back and your middle back.

Fourth one was V bar pull down, this exercise is also good for back and same 3 sets are good.
Fifth was that i done Shrugs this exercise will target your traps.

So guys there are three parts in back i.e. upper back, middle back, and lower back. Try to Target them all to grow your back.

Then this was done for back and time to go for some biceps workout :
First exercise was Preacher curls same 3 sets enough for this exercise.
Second was hammer curls : This exercise will help to grow your brachialis muscle in biceps.
Third one was barbell curls you can choose any one grip like close or wide.
Fourth exercise was reverse curls .

So then i did some stretching.
Guys between the workout you should take some sips of water in between sets also . This helps your body to be more hydrated. And before coming to gym eat something that give you some energy to do exercise.

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