Court Orders Mohbad’s Wife To Do DNA Test

19 Apr 2024

A recent court order in Lagos, Nigeria, has ignited a legal battle surrounding the late singer Mohbad's child. The Magistrate Court sitting in Ikorodu has authorized what is known as "substituted service" on Mohbad's wife, Wunmi.

This means the court documents pertaining to a DNA test for their son, Liam, will be delivered to her last known address since attempts to serve her directly were unsuccessful.

The Antragsteller (applicant) in this case is Joseph Aloba, Mohbad's father. Represented by a legal team led by Emmanuel Oroko, Aloba filed an application requesting the court's permission to serve Wunmi through substituted means. The rationale behind this request, as presented by Monisola Odumosu, a member of the Aloba family's legal team, is that attempts by the court sheriff to personally deliver the summons regarding the DNA test to Wunmi had failed on two separate occasions.

The crux of the legal dispute lies in the paternity of Liam. The Aloba family is seeking to establish, through a DNA test, whether Mohbad is indeed the biological father of the child. Their application requested a court order compelling Wunmi and Liam to undergo the DNA test at a reputable laboratory within Lagos.

Understanding Substituted Service

Since attempts to serve Wunmi directly proved unsuccessful, the court approved substituted service. This legal procedure allows for the delivery of court documents to a party involved in a case through alternative means when personal service is not achievable. In this instance, the court documents will be mailed to Wunmi's last known address. This action serves as official notification of the pending DNA test lawsuit.

The rationale behind substituted service is to ensure that all parties involved in a legal case are aware of the proceedings and have the opportunity to respond. By mailing the documents, the court aims to fulfill its due process obligations, even if Wunmi's current whereabouts are unknown.

Possible Reasons Behind the Paternity Dispute

The news reports do not delve into the specific reasons the Aloba family is contesting Liam's paternity. However, some possibilities can be explored:

Timing of Liam's Birth: If there are questions surrounding the timeline of Mohbad's relationship with Wunmi and Liam's birth date, this could raise doubts about paternity.

Prior Relationships of Mohbad: If Mohbad had other relationships close to the time Liam was conceived, the Aloba family might seek to eliminate any possibility of another man being the biological father.

Estate and Inheritance Concerns: In some cases, paternity disputes can arise due to concerns about inheritance rights. If Mohbad had a significant estate, establishing Liam's paternity would determine his eligibility to inherit.

With the court order for substituted service granted, Wunmi will now be notified of the upcoming DNA test. She has the right to respond to the lawsuit and potentially contest the need for the test. Legal counsel can advise her on the best course of action.

The DNA test itself, if it takes place, will provide scientific evidence to determine Mohbad's biological link to Liam. The court will then consider the test results along with any arguments presented by both sides before reaching a final decision on the matter of paternity.

Looking Beyond the Headlines

This legal case highlights the complexities of family law, particularly when issues of paternity arise. While the news reports focus on the public figure Mohbad, it's important to remember that there are human beings at the center of this dispute – a child, his mother, and the extended family.

This situation also raises questions about privacy, as the personal details of a child's paternity become a matter of public record during a legal battle. The emotional toll on all parties involved can be significant.

Only time will tell how this legal dispute unfolds. However, the court order for a DNA test marks a significant step towards establishing Liam's paternity and resolving this sensitive family matter.

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