How to judge an implicationar.

18 May 2024

The criminals and law inforcement agencies like police has relationship of hide & seek since long time. May it has relationship since the existence of civil societies and modern civilization.

The investigation is prime task for the departments like police , FIA, CA and CID to conclude the result by using different tectics. Conversations, punishment, and other methods used to reach at truth where they file the case to the relevant courts.

It is easy for common person to judge a implicationar or guilty person in any conversation. There are some specific things to note during the sitting. His body language will not support his words. Here are other symptoms to keep eye on ,
Body curving.
A guilty person cannot sit with calmness. If a person Changing the body position in sitting again and again then it is first thing which putting him in suspected zone.
Hand grinding.
The emotions of regret or feelings of shame also appears when a guilty person grind his hands or rubb the hands frequently during conversation. Especially introgression or cross question put him in confusion which he showed in his hand grinding.
Chin gashing.
Rubbing on chin , scratching or gashing on chin is another symptom which unconsciously a person do when he is guilty. He emotionally griefed but can't explain in words. His actions shows his frustration and chin gashing also one of them.
Eyes Alteration.
A guilty person can't talk in eye interaction because he will keep rotating, moving , alterations of eyes during the conversation. He can't face others questions which raised by eyes because eyes has also good communication skills. Some times eyes said all which we can't spoke in words.
Foot beating.
His foot will beat the earth oftenly without control. His restlessness and anxiety will be open by his body action. Foot beating or tapping is common in any person who had no control over his words.
Pen snapping.
Another notable symptom in guilty person is if he is holding a pen in hand. He will start snapping like on , off tiktik unconsciously by pen. It also shows its inner feelings that he is confused guilty person.

We can identify any person who is lying, making false arguments, culprit, ignorant or dishonest by looking these things in a conversation with him. Just don't believe on his words because such people will try everything even say by God I am not guilty. But as a expert your eyes should be on his body language and symptoms mentioned above.
In some cases opponent will be very strong Psychological and will dodge you by different techniques. Here is difficult for a common person to get reality because common person gets influence of sentiments and emotions. An implicationar will take recourse of your emotional involvement so quickly.

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