3 Life Lessons From My Own Life

3 Jun 2022

1. What I Do When I Feel Like Giving Up: This moment when you don’t feel like doing the work? This is not a moment to be thrown away. This is not a dress rehearsal. This moment is your life as much as any other moment. Spend it in a way that will make you proud.

2. What I Do When it Feels Like My Work Isn't Good Enough: Read this article to learn how to deal with self-doubt and self-judgment, so that you can move past judging yourself and perform at a higher level.

3. Make Your Life Better by Saying Thank You in These 7 Situations: I'm starting to believe that “Thank You” is the most under-appreciated and under-used phrase on the planet. It is appropriate in nearly any situation and it is a better response than most of the things we say. Let's cover 7 common situations when we say all sorts of things, but should say “Thank You” instead.

This is a complete list of articles I have written on life lessons. Enjoy!
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Make Your Life Better by Saying Thank You in These 7 Situations

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