14 May 2023

A Sunday like many Sundays. Afternoon time in Pune. Reva was comfortably settled in his 2BHK flat after completing all the tasks properly. Neeraj had gone to Japan for office work as usual. No one would disturb her rightful peace until he returned. Now that she was free from morning work, she opened the Economic Times. The company she was working for had taken over a competitor company. She remembered the old days in the company. Up to date Reva was a smart performer from the beginning. Her smartness was not only about clothes and looks. Because of that, Reva used to be seen in the whole team. To fill the special eyes of some. Neeraj, who admired her qualities and looks, used to be very fond of her.

Her mere 'being' was Job motivation for him. Reva also knew all this. Initially, lunch with the team The two who were going to La had started looking for excuses for work after some time when it was lunch time. Both of them had started doing guerrilla warfare so that they could go for breakfast and lunch. After finishing the office, sometimes CCD and sometimes Barista's rounds started increasing. Everyone knew this. But only Atharva was finding it a little difficult to digest. He and Reva knew each other since they were in college. They also want to get along well. They had told each other many things in life. Atharva and Neeraj also became good friends after coming to the office. Reva was not thinking of Atharva beyond friendship, but love had sprouted in Atharva's heart. It was difficult to see him with Neeraj and Revala in this situation. Many months passed like this. And Atharva was transferred to Mumbai. Obviously, he and Reva lost contact. Reva and Neeraj are engrossed in painting the dreams of their future life. As both were educated, cultured and amiable, both the houses consented to the marriage. The ceremony of "Neeraj weds Reva" will be held in grandeur had come There is nothing hi hello in it. Just that, "What the hell girl, you fell in love, got married and forgot your best friend." Atharva's message came after almost a year. Reva was used to such messages by now. She wasn't new to messages starting with Senti and telling her to do something. But Atharva is an old friend, let's see what he says so she starts talking. Then there was an exchange of changed numbers from Facebook. And the next day they decided to meet. Reva told all this to Neeraj very enthusiastically. To which he replied in two words, "Oh wow!" Even if she said no, Reva got a little nervous. The next day, Reva met Atharva with great enthusiasm. The two talked for an hour. It was a bit difficult at first. But as the old memories came out, both of them started talking openly about their college days. And then I don't know how the time passed. As it started to get late, Reva started to leave. The stomach was filled with chatting. It had been many months since she had spoken so openly with someone. The joy was visible on her face. A few days passed like that. Reva and Atharva became close friends once again. Reva, who was tired of loneliness, was happy now. She had found someone to talk to whenever she wanted. Atharva also recognized this change in her. But while all these things were happening, Neeraj was working only and only. He never came to meet Atharva with Reva nor inquired about him to Reva. Neeraj was living in complete monotony. In this background, Reva appreciated Atharva's vitality, his approach to life, work-life balance. She never showed it verbally but Atharva could see it in her eyes. One day while chatting on whatsapp, Reva quickly spoke, "Atharv, where have you been for so long. See, you should have met a few days ago" she had said simply but Atharva could understand the anxiety behind her words. He started sympathizing with Reva. Obviously, Reva's attitude towards Atharva started to change little by little. And all this was not even in Neeraj's village. One night Neeraj came home late, he packed, the next day's flight He slept by telling the timing. In the morning he left without telling Reva. Reva wakes up, realizing that Neeraj is gone, "A man who has become a robot should not even remember his first wedding anniversary.. How much more lively is Atharva than this... Anyway!" Saying this, she sighed and took control. Then the bell rang. She came to the hall, fixing her clothes and fixing her hair. The door opened and she took two steps back in surprise.

He was standing at the door with a rose in hand, and her beloved Cadbury silk. "You??? what are you doing here You had a meeting, didn't you? You left in the morning. What exactly happened? why are you back Is everything okay?" "Oh queen yes yes.. Lko lo po oo ll how many questions will you ask? Will you take the husband in the house or not." Saying this, Neeraj came into the house hugging her. He was enjoying seeing the numerous questions on her face. But without entertaining her any more he started talking, "Reva, first of all forgive me. I got so involved in the work of the company that I was not aware of anything. Even to your complaints, I say 'It's over and done' Ignored. But one message opened my eyes. Last week I received a message from Atharva. “What the hell, *** ! Don't you want your wife? Look, I still want to get married.” To be honest, I was very angry with him. Without answering his question, I invited him to meet and Gadya completely won me over. Told that you j pl
had to talk everyday. Made you realize in very "loving" terms that you are getting lonely. Proved me wrong. He admitted that he sent the message 'like that' to invite me to meet him. Even though you were in front of me, I understood what I couldn't see with his message and words. I always took your presence for granted. But his message made me realize that I can't let someone take you away from me. That's when I decided to say sorry to you. Then a little play rather than talking directly! anyway Happy wedding anniversary Ranisarkar.” Now Reva had nothing left to say. A world was restored through close friendship. A new symbiosis had begun.

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