My first Day on Bulb

1 Jul 2022

Here's a little story about my first day on Bulb, and I hope it isn't my last day on Bulb.

Being a crypto enthusiast,joining a platform such as bulb has been something I have really been looking forward to, the platform is great and the User experience is second to none.

I got referred to Bulb by my friend and He was like, I just have to stay active to be able to level up on Bulb, and I was like thinking to myself, what kinda contents am I going to create everyday forever on Bulb.

I finally joined Bulb, and I'm like going through all the top earners and wow, I was so impressed by how much they could pass an information in a very detailed and coordinated manner

At that point, I knew I just needed to do my best to be able to be amongst the best in the leader board.

Spent my first day thinking, and today being my second day on Bulb, I decided to start with an introductory message.

I'm Cryptocardi  and crypto enthusiast and a content creator, I feel good to be here, and I hope to make the most contribution to this wonderful platform

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BULB Official
Welcome @Cryptocardi, it's fantastic to have you here!
Hey Mate Thanks for sharing your story it is kinda a motivation to Us the newbies on bulb, I am barely a month old or so on bulb but I am really enjoying myself here, I love the community and the contents and I am glad to be a part of this wonderful community
Awesome to have you a part of the bulb community and thanks for sharing your first day. Look forward to many more!!!
You probably had a wonderful first week on Bulb. I can’t say same for myself. I am still trying to figure out some Stuffs in order to be amongst the top bloggers. But it seems it’s not going to be an easy ride. But hopefully I would be able to get somewhere. Thanks for sharing your story
MBA ChitChat
Welcome :) Just write on something you know best and interesting.
Great to have you here CryptoCardi!
When bulb gonna list in cex or dex?
The bulb webs is developed well in the past few months as compare with others . It's a huge project. Definitely it's a huge write 2 earn project