How to Become More Self Aware

30 Sept 2022

How to Become More Self Aware

Start by asking who am I, outside of my given name.
What are your likes and dislikes
Listen more, talk less
Put attention to your thought and observe how you think.

Remember that self-awareness is wasted if it does not result in self-acceptance.
Self-awareness leads to self-confidence
Willing to take risks and go extra mile for better results
Admitting your mistakes and making corrections.
How to Overcome Self-confidence

Self-acceptance is to accept the way you are
Self-belief is bringing out the fearlessness inside of you, like when you were a child.
Self Image this how you see yourself.
Self Talk what you say to yourself matters the most.
Self-analysis this aspect is focusing on what you have rather than what you do not have.


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