The Law of UX - 02

6 Sept 2022

The second law of UX ( User Experience ) is the Doherty Threshold law. This law states that the interaction between a user and His or Her computer  should be  less than 400 ms, this is to ensure that neither has to wait for the other.

No one ever wants to spend so long on a webpage, especially when in a hurry to achieve a goal. It is necessary for a design to be User Friendly and easy to interact with. 

This can be achievable by providing system feedback to ease the time spent on figuring out navigations etc. E.g A message that suggests a password requirement is necessary rather than allow a user to create a password at His own will and get back an error message after hitting the enter/proceed button. This has a way to save the time a user spends on a webpage.

Also, the use of animation is a great way to engage your user during a waiting time for a page to load.

Also, the use of progress bars helps a user to tolerate the wait time. This has been employed by several businesses such as Uber.

The Doherty Threshold Law is really needed in every design.

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Nice, thanks for the article
I have come across this law, it's quite important in designing for a better user experience
Yeh this law I very important for the good experience of the people
It is always vital for a design to be user friendly and not stressful to interact with in order for the user to stay on the website for a longer period of time.
I’m sure keeping up with this laws you’re sharing. Thanks 🙏. It’s good to learn about the laws that govern UX designs as it would create a more pleasing user experience
We should came across the law. And maintain all the things