Common Mistakes in Share Market (Part 9)

29 Jun 2022

Soooo i am writing this post after 2 days, i was busy a bit but now i will be providing daily posts. I hope you have gone through the previous posts and then you are here. If you are new make sure to go through the previous posts once and then come back here. 

Sooo lets start with todays post

Sitting on cash - This is the most important criteria and tip for all the investors out there to book profit on timely basis as per your goals and withdraw them.  Because usually people just see the profits and unable to book them because of their greed ... Sooo make sure to book profits and sit on cash soo that whenever you get the opportunities you dont regret that you are out of cash and you cant invest and earn the profits

Booking profits will not only help you to increase the capital but also helps you to identify opportunities and doesnt let you loose your capital just because of greediness. 

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