Recovery- I'm back for the better

12 Aug 2022

I took a break off Bulb blogging platform and here's the reason why. 
I've been working multi jobs non-stop for the past weeks, in real life (web2) job and online researching and gaining more knowledge about the current market conditions and how to profit off it. It started to tell on my mental health and stress levels.
Then the last straw that broke the proverbial camel's back happened. This was on August 3rd. Apparently my solana wallet happened to be among the 8000+ wallets that was hacked and drained that day. I lost a considerable amount of funds both in SOL and in USDC, which I had carefully been stacking and buying the dip over the months.
This last incident was what got to me. Although I did not physically react, i could feel my world crumbling down. I needed to take some time to get myself together.
Well, i have mourned , ranted, thought and i have come back stronger with the confidence that i will surely make back what i lost , and more.
I will resume blogging here too so see you in the next post

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I just came across this article again. And i noticed something new. The article is themed recovery. And the article image is from Eminem's album "Recovery". This is very creative from you.
Sorry about this. Glad you didnt give up
Everything will ve alright at the end
love this
me and jazzy around billi up
MBA ChitChat
Amazing story, you have courage and hope you will come back stronger.
It is great to have you back. Your response and candidate commentary on your experience is to be commended. Onwards and upwards