Do you feel the FOMO?

11 Nov 2023

Do you feel it? Do you feel the FOMO kicking in? Oh, it's kicking harder than Jackie Chan's legs, but...

Resist the urge anon! You have to resist it. Fight back anon, fight! This is why you had all the bear market to prepare for. Don’t let temptation get the best out of you! The singing of mermaids may be beautiful but it also dictated catastrophes of epic scales. I don’t know, I am just citing mythology at this point. What else can I do? Buy crypto after this surge?! Doesn’t seem like a reasonable choice, no sir…At least until a correction comes.

Once again, history repeats itself, and once again, even though I thought I was mentally prepared, I slowly came to realize, that I probably have a lot to learn. It’s easy to say, “When the time comes, I will do it this way”, but when the time actually comes, we tend to not act according to the plan. It works for everything in life. And why so? Well because we are humans. And, humans have this thing called emotions, and from time to time (actually most of the time) emotions tend to overcontrol us and erase our brain cells, as if they weren’t there in the first place, and when this happens, we are in for a circus. And not a funny one! I mean…circus is not funny at all, at all times…

Sure sure, we will get emotion, and that’s the more human thing you can do. The problem is, when you are getting emotional, you know that you are getting emotional, but still proceed to act like a f*cktard. I am not criticizing you. Most of the time if I seem too rough I am actually addressing myself. So it is nothing personal really (only towards me).

Anyway, you saw, I saw, and everyone is seeing this run on some crypto assets. Was a nasty one, and if you were a sideline, or even in the markets, you would have the same feeling that most of us are sharing... The old "F"ck! I should have bought more".

Well, yes you should, we all should, but we didn't. So it's really easy actually; Just make peace with your inner you and move on! Simple right?! WRONG! I know that the demons are lurking around your mind anon, and the intrusive thoughts are taking over, and probably now you are ready to splurge whatever money you may have, because if that was the bottom, you probably missed out, and if that wasn't the bottom, you are still in time to make amends. That feeling, as you may know, is called Fear Of Missing Out A.K.A. FOMO! And that's bad! That is exactly what you are supposed to feel, at the time you are feeling!

I truly believe that patience pays off, and it will pay off. In the same way, we went massively down but had some relief rallies, while going up, the same will happen, and prices will have pullbacks, and that is where you should be ready to splurge. This is kind of obvious, but is not easy! Especially when you will start seeing unreal price targets, being thrown around you, like it's a certainty.

Also, and very important... Stick to your game plan. That's the best advice that I can possibly think of. If you believe in a project, stick to it! Don't go jumping around like a monkey in a tree, going around the jungle looking for the best banana. You will see so many charts being posted, that probably you will abdicate your beliefs, in return for some neat-looking chart, and that can be the cause of your demise...financially at least. That's max FOMO form, because you know 0 about what you are aping in, and you are doing it based on only emotions.

So yeah, play it simple! You did your homework, and you will be smart enough to avoid FOMO kicks in your guts. Remember to always, stay focused, and be consistent, and... OH SH*T, just checked the $SOL price now! $60! F*cking $60 US Dollars! Why didn't I buy more?! - This is me being sarcastic, hope you get the point (but yeah, SOLANA, just hit $60).

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See you soon fam!

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No FOMO these days 😂 slow & steady 🐢
I remember my first bull run, back in 2017; I couldn't even sleep at night, fearing that Bitcoin would double in value, and I didn't have enough. FOMO is truly a beast to contend with! :D
I can feel it in the air
Whilst this is mostly good advice I think it's imperative that you assign a percentage of your portfolio to wild bets. These are the days of 100x plays. You do not need to hit many of those to make that small percentage worthwhile. This might be the last bull run that we see wild gains like this. Once crypto becomes established the volatility goes. Play it mostly safe, there a lot of easy wins out there, but allocate a percentage of your portfolio to long shots and start rolling those dice. The odds are good for long shot bets in the run up.
It's getting wild! Solana is so back🚀 Might have to consider that there is no dropping, just more and more pumping coming it's not stopping😆. Things we love to see🤲🏼 Great write up ✊🏼
Everytime I see the word fomo, I would feel the fomo coming back. But I know that was all in the past, while now I just invest a little bit by bit into cryptos that I love and know that would be something in the next 10 years. Fomo feels outdated at this point tbh. haha. Maybe for me. Good write up as always bro, keep up the creativity coming!
ohh yeah i´m always fighting with it mostly until the price drops significantly ;D
I mean FOMO buying right now wouldn't even be too bad. If you zoom out most assets, including $SOL, are still down more than 50% from all time high. Even if things would go down for a while again, there's still lot of room to grow.
Gary Cartlidge
fomo always works, even on those who think they can control it.
Sometimes I feel FOMO. 🥲 Thank you very interesting article.
FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out, is a modern-day phenomenon characterized by anxiety or unease caused by the perception that others are having more exciting experiences or opportunities. It often results from the constant exposure to social media updates and the fear of not being involved in something interesting or important. FOMO can impact mental well-being and decision-making, and it is important to balance it with self-care and prioritizing our own needs and experiences.
I just love your writing style. Yes I am feeling it...... Ok so during the bear I was accumulating but mostly BTC and a little ETH. I have main fund (savings on ledger do not touch) I also have the trading fund on an exchange (self explanitory). Then I have the play fund (smallish but enough for feeding FOMO) I have used a little of the FOMO fund, just enough to feed that urge and only for small amounts but it is sooooooo exciting. As always time will tell.
As far as Solana is considered, I feel differently, I think I should sell now, and rebuy it at lower price.
I still have issues with FOMO. I Al starting to learn to take one day at a time and slowly build my Crypto up. I can not invest what I can not afford. This was a great read and love your thought process on it all.
Golden advice that stick on your game plan and have patience. SOL get triggered beyond my imagination where I stay wrong that it will not pass to $50 in November.