Hair Rebonding

15 Sept 2022

If you are thinking about hair rebonding, then keep these things in mind, know the damage too

Who does not like Hair Rebonding, in this the look of your hair also looks stylish, but it has its advantages as well as disadvantages. How is this style done and how does it affect your hair. Read about its advantages and disadvantages

Nowadays hair is made stylish before going to the wedding or any party. To give a different look to the hair, color or straight or any other style is given. One of these looks is hair rebonding. In this your broken hair becomes straight and soft.

1. Broken hair becomes soft:

This is a chemical straightening, in which the hair is straightened by applying chemicals, along with removing the broken hair and making them soft and smooth. This is called hair treatment. Many tools are used during this treatment, such as iron and some hair chemicals. The cream is left on the hair for a while and after that the hair is rebonded with the help of a hair straightener.

2. Advantages of Rebonding:

The hair looks very beautiful, the shine of the hair returns. Broken hair also starts to heal
Hair feels smoother and thicker, eliminating the hassle of styling any hair for a long time

3. Advantages of Rebonding:

After this the texture of the hair becomes fine and the growth is good.
Hair does not tangle and is easy to untangle

4. Disadvantages of Hair Rebonding:

Hair breaks down, it happens after some time of rebonding
Applying so many chemicals to the hair that their condition worsens. Hair gets damaged to a great extent

5. Disadvantages of Hair Rebonding:

Hair gets burnt due to chemical application because iron is applied
Hair does not stay healthy for long

6. Disadvantages of Rebonding:

Hair does not stay healthy for long
This hair treatment is very expensive and it becomes very difficult to maintain

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Hair care isn't talked about much
It's very harmful for our hair , try to avoid this.
Informative and educational
It is said that with every good thing comes bad. Similarly, the process of hair rebonding makes your hair beautiful and manageable, but it also causes damage.
Rajat Dhariwal
Hair rebonding is a process with the help of which the texture of the hair itself is completely changed. Many types of chemicals and heat are used in this. Due to which the hair becomes permanently straight. But after this whole process the hair becomes very sensitive.