Tales of the Night 1

8 Sept 2022

     Twas in the late hour, that you crept up to my room. I felt your hands run across my shoulder and my eyes suddenly popped open as I jumped off my bed. There you were, standing like in the shadow of the night. I knew why you were here, in my room and not down in the bossom of your wife's caress. 
      I wanted to scream but I don't know why I didn't, perhaps because of the thousands of thoughts plaguing my mind. You pushed those thoughts out the window when you took several steps towards me and had me backed up against the wardrobe door. I quivered in fear and regret, knowing that perhaps this was my fault.
     I knew what I was doing when I bent over earlier that evening in my short brown skirt to pick up my fallen key chain and took longer than supposed to get up. I knew brown was your favourite colour, I knew it would attract your attention. I didn't know it was going to lead to this, or did I? Gosh, I don't know!!! 
      You pushed your face so fast towards mine that I quickly shut my eyes but I could feel your breathe clashing with mine, I knew your lips were but an inch away... I unexpectedly felt your hand on my back waist and you felt my skin vibrate like the sands of Arakis. 
"Open your eyes." I heard voice that makes my ribs hug my spine.
       I trembled as I opened them slowly, I opened my mouth to speak but the words were heavy. I gulped in a large amount of saliva to clear my oesophagus.
"I... I am your daughter." I said, words barely escaping my lips...

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Both the parts are great. Eagerly waiting for the third one