Life is for the living

21 Dec 2022

Memories vanish as time passes.
As people evolve, new friendships are formed.
Only the genuine are always on our side.
The hurt and disappointment will eventually pass.

Everything revolves around the voyage and what is still to come.
You are what you have become; life is what you make of it.
Holding on to regrets is a waste of time.
Even though you might never forget, forgiveness is important.

Keep the good and get rid of the bad.
Some individuals don't appreciate what they have until it's gone.
It's a way of life to move on.
There will always be challenges, suffering, and conflict.

You have to have the confidence that you can win the battle.
To act morally, you must have faith in yourself.
In the end, you are the one person who has your back, therefore always act in your best interests.

Never be scared to speak up for what you believe in and never hesitate to offer assistance.
A little amount is often enough.
A simple grin can make someone's day better.

What are you waiting for? You have the chance to live right now.
You have access to the entire planet and much more.
You'll always have a world of options at your disposal.
Life's greatest offer is the chance to live another day.

Never allow someone to bring you down, steal your sparkle, or cause you to frown.
Will you remain hidden and permit darkness to triumph once more?
Or are you going to take action and make the light your ally?

What will you do now that you have the opportunity?
I know you can do this because I have faith in you.

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