28 Mar 2023

Anxiety grips me like a vice, As fear and worry become my eyes, My heart beats fast, my breath grows short, As my mind runs rampant with thought.
The world around me starts to blur, As anxiety becomes my conqueror, My body feels heavy, my limbs are weak, As I'm consumed by anxiety's peak.
It freezes me inside my own life, As I struggle with worry and strife, The simplest things become so hard, As anxiety holds me in its guard.
In this moment, I am lost, As anxiety becomes the cost, Of living in a world that's too fast, As I struggle to keep up and last.
So let me take a breath, and let it out, As I slowly begin to break anxiety's clout, For in this moment, I can find, A way to leave my worries behind.
I'll take it one step at a time, And slowly start to unwind, For in this journey, I'll find my way, And break free from anxiety's sway.

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