What a glorious day!

21 Feb 2023

A glorious day is one of the finest sights,
Where the sun shines bright with all its might,
And the sky is painted a flawless blue,
A day that feels like something fresh and new.

A day where the birds sing loud and clear,
With a melody that banishes every fear,
And the leaves of trees rustle in the breeze,
A day like this makes you feel at ease.

The air is crisp, the wind cool and sweet,
And the flowers bloom in perfect beat,
Their fragrance fills the air and lifts the heart,
This day is a masterpiece, a work of art.

On a glorious day, the world seems to glow,
Like a painting that is vibrant and aglow,
A day that feels like a perfect dream,
Where everything is as it should be, a perfect stream.

The sun rises with a gentle golden light,
Dispelling all the darkness, shining so bright,
And the moon and stars bid us farewell,
As the glorious day casts its enchanting spell.

A day that calls to us to step outside,
And enjoy the beauty, and take in the sights,
To be at peace with nature's purest form,
And let our worries and troubles be gone.

We walk along the hills and meadows,.
In the embrace of nature's joyful shadows,
With every step, we take in the beauty,
And bask in the glory of our almighty.

The blue sky above seems so close,
And we reach out to touch it, almost,
And the clouds that drift by with the breeze,
Form shapes that our imagination can seize.

We come across a stream that gurgles by,
Its soothing sound, like music to the ear, high,
And we stop to hear its mellifluous melody,
As it washes away all our thoughts of melancholy.

On this glorious day, we see the world anew,
And we marvel at the wonders, so true,
We see the beauty in the simplest things,
The warmth in the heart that nature brings.

We watch the gentle dance of the flowers,
Their colours, a blend of magic and powers,
And the butterflies that flutter and play,
As if they've come out to join the display.

On a glorious day, we feel so alive,
As if the world and we ourselves thrive,
We feel the energy of the world around,
And the peace and harmony that it does surround.

The day draws to a close, but its magic stays,
The memories, like a photograph, to amaze,
We bid the world goodbye for now,
But we know we'll be back again somehow.

A glorious day, is a true work of art,
One that can touch the soul and the heart,
One that reminds us of the beauty in life,
And the wonders of the world, without any strife.

Behold a glorious day, the sun shines bright,
With a warming embrace and golden light,
The sky painted with hues of vibrant blue,
A vision of beauty that's long overdue

Behold a glorious day, the flowers bloom,
Their colors an explosion of nature's plume,
With a fragrance that perfumes the air,
A delight that's beyond compare.

The world seems to burst with life and light,
As if it's dressed in a gown of white,
And in this moment, everything seems right,
A celebration of nature's pure delight.

Behold a glorious day, where nature reigns,
And life takes on a new set of refrains,
Where the soul feels light, and the heart sings,
And every moment a blessing that nature brings.

So, let us cherish this day, this moment of light,
A reminder that we are but mere guests of the night,
And that the world and its beauty will forever remain,
A celebration of life and all its infinite domains.

Behold a glorious day, a blessing of life,
A moment that reminds us of nature's strife,
A call to cherish and love the world around,
And to let our souls and hearts be unbound.

So let us hold on to these memories,
Of the beauty and the joys that we see,
And let us keep the magic of the day,
And bring it with us every step of the way.

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