3 Ways to Improve Work Performance

20 Sept 2022

The top 3 ways how to immediately improve your work performance and reach a higher quality of output.

1. Minimize interruptions

You need to be aware of the sources of lucrative distractions and take steps to restrict your exposure to them if you want to produce excellent work-related results and maintain your focus during the working hours.

2. Break out your projects into milestones.

Breaking down your duties into manageable milestones with realistic time frames is the single best thing you can do when working on a huge project to make sure you aren’t running behind schedule and are operating at a high level.

3. Quit multitasking and start prioritizing your tasks.

Working while multitasking is common. If you work in a busy agency, for example, it is not rare for you to handle communications with potential clients, talk with different contractors, handle and check work from freelancers while doing your actual job on top of that.

While you may be thinking that this way you actually get more work done, what you are doing is really impacting not only your level of output for your actual job but also the quality.

[1] Ivan Andreev, ‘Ways to Improve Work Performance’ (online, 2022) 

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