Selling Tobacco Must Be Prohibited

5 Nov 2022

One of the deadliest inventions in human history is the cigarette, which is the most popular type of tobacco. Over time, people have started using tobacco for enjoyment, stress reduction, or even as a way for naïve youngsters to look hip. However, all tobacco products are extremely dangerous, and there is no safe degree of exposure to nicotine. Each year, it claims the lives of over 8 million people. Around 1.2 million of those fatalities are caused by non-smokers being exposed to secondhand smoke, while more than 7 million are caused by direct tobacco use. More than 400 compounds can be found in tobacco smoke, the most of which are very detrimental to health. Tobacco use is a factor in 25% of cancer cases in women and 60% of instances of cancer in men worldwide. 80% of cases of the malignancies caused by tobacco are those of the head, neck, and lungs, which are the most prevalent in developing nations. In addition to being one of the leading causes of diseases like cancer and tuberculosis, tobacco is also a poor product, a financial burden on impoverished cultures, a significant contributor to political and scientific corruption, and a factor in both the causes and the denial of global warming.The tobacco industry has a significant negative impact on human society. Big tobacco has tainted science by funding "decoy" or "distraction studies," but it has also tainted the popular press since publications that depend on tobacco advertising for revenue have been reluctant to print articles critical of smokes.

The cost of lost productivity in the United States is more than $ 156 billion annually owing to diseases brought on by secondhand smoke and tobacco-related deaths. Additional direct medical expenses for smokers cost $170 billion. If tobacco disappeared, society's expenses would decrease. The 1964 surgeon general's report and the tobacco control initiatives that followed it are thought to have prevented around.Additionally, smoking has a negative impact on the ecosystem. Growing, curing, rolling, flavouring, packaging, delivery, advertising, and legal defence are all necessary for the production of cigarettes, which also depletes forests and utilises a lot of pesticides.Every year, a large number of Manhattans of savannah woods are destroyed to get the charcoal needed for flue-curing. The production of cigarettes also results in non-trivial greenhouse gas emissions, primarily from the fossil fuels necessary for curing and shipping, fires from improper butt disposal, and higher healthcare expenditures from illnesses brought on by smoking. In a future where there is global warming, cigarettes are not only unsustainable, but also one of its ignored and easily avoidable causes.

The majority of people are aware of what they are consuming yet are unable to overcome their addiction, despite the large warning labels on the back of cigarette boxes. People could begin the process of overcoming their addiction by banning tobacco. The ban will lessen health problems, be healthier for the environment, and prevent more teenagers from falling into its trap. People are particularly susceptible to the negative consequences of cigarettes. As a result, the cigarette prohibition will be difficult but prudent.


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