She has no clue

16 Mar 2023

When did my emotions become so intense?
What motivated them to make that enormous leap?
What a rush it is to go from buddy to crush.

And I doubt that she is aware.

When did her grin start to weaken me?
When did her tears cause me to start leaking because of them?
Why is it that I'm always so powerful and yet something happens?
I guess folks who called me Superman were mistaken,

And I doubt that she is aware.

I can't help but observe her lips while she speaks, taking note of their shape and dipping curves.
Why am I looking, you ask? I have no idea.
I also ponder whether she even knows.

Her stunning eyes are unlike ours in every way.
They are so deep and dazzling that you might mistake them for stars.
They release their feelings like roaring torrents.
Even I could be convinced by them that Santa always delivers.

She still doesn't know.

Despite her denial, her body is ideal.
Every time I look at it, my head spins.
She could control any man, but she has no idea how I feel, and I don't suppose I'll tell her.

I adore the way she appears, the way she is, and the way she makes me feel.
She is stunning, intelligent, and has a powerful heart. I adore the way she approaches each day as if nothing could go wrong.

She still doesn't understand.

As of right now, school ends on the 11th at noon.
She may not even be concerned that I'm about to move.
That day after school, we would no longer speak for many months.
I only wish I could have given her a single kiss.

She may never know now that I've said it poetically, but I don't think she did before.

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