Impact of compassion on our lives

11 Oct 2022

Compassion can improve your life in a variety of ways, from improving your relationships to increasing your overall happiness. Some of the benefits of compassion include:

Compassionate people live longer: Activities such as volunteering to help those you care about can help you live longer. According to one study, people who volunteer out of concern for others live longer lives than those who do not volunteer.

Compassion contributes to a life of purpose: One study discovered that the happiness that comes from living a life of purpose and meaning—one that is fueled by kindness and compassion—can play a role in better health. Participants in the study who experienced eudemonic happiness—or happiness that comes from living a meaningful life that includes helping others—had lower levels of depression, stronger immunity, and less inflammation.

Compassion strengthens relationships: Compassion can also assist you in developing the social support and connections that are necessary for mental well-being. It can also help to safeguard your interpersonal relationships. According to research, compassion is a key predictor of relationship success and satisfaction.


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