The good experience

2 Nov 2022

Now that time has come for the mother. It is so true that we can never recognize the steps of this destiny that reverses the situation and catches a person in its scissors! Neeraj's life was destroyed by that one stroke of destiny. My golden brother left us in such a moment. But he had no time to grieve. Little Ishaan had to be patiently taken care of. Since I used to come and go with Neeraj, he knew me a little bit. All others are strangers to him. Meanwhile, his nanny's father fell ill again, so she went to her village. One difficulty after another. He came home with Ishaan. But there was no one to love him in our house either. I thought, holding Isha's hand, this will eventually grow. But Ishahi treats him harshly. Pavolapavali angers him. In all these years, she has become accustomed to being pampered alone. And even if she says no now, this participant in her love. 
She doesn't mind that pay a lot of attention to Ishaan. I was stunned by the incident that day. Esha wanted to write an essay, so she followed me. But at the same time Ishaan was also crying so I told her, "Oh, it's time for him to be hungry. feed him and then we write the essay." But she knows that! On the contrary, she said angrily to me, "Since Ishaan came, I have not liked you. It's true what Grandma says!" "What does grandma say? And about whom? About Ishaan?" "Yes, yes! About Ishaan! He is a boy No! That's why you like him. Grandma told me!" Isha said excitedly. After hearing that, she didn't know how to understand. It is already the age of confusion. Her grandmother should put something like this in her mind! When Ishaan had to bring me, I thought that he would understand my pain and stand firmly by my side. But the opposite happened! They clearly told me that they will not be able to support me. I understood it, because the limitations of age make one desperate. At such times, only words should be given support. That's what I thought so much. What to do if a woman can't understand a woman's heart? In fact, he always felt the regret that Viraj did not have a son. I never considered this difference. That's why I thought they should consider Ishaan as their grandson. But she was using it to fill Isha's ears. Till now I had only heard that people's nature changes according to the situation. Now he was experiencing it directly and was getting numb. I didn't know who to trust. Even though we have been living together for so many years, the close relationship that should be formed has happened Wasn't it? Then it was my mistake to think that they sympathized with my suffering. But seeing Isha's behavior, I thought that Ishaan's uncle should be searched. If this attitude takes root in Isha's mind, her attitude towards Ishaan will change and it will hurt everyone. Ishanla will have to bear the brunt of the consequences. Better send him to his uncle! Ena's relatives used to live in Kulabya, I decided to go there and find out the address of his uncle. But before I left, Ena's own brother came to visit us one day. He also agreed to take Ishaan. But then he said, “I will adopt Ishaan. We will also change his religion for that. All this has to be done when we get there." "But why change religion? You can raise him as your sister's son." "My father will not have it at all. That is why he did not allow Enayat to get married. If Neeraj had changed his religion and come to us, we would have gladly accepted him. My sister had to leave her home. And now the responsibility of taking care of his son fell on us. What did they gain by being stubborn?" "Look, do not speak ill of the departed. If Neeraj was stubborn, he would have forced your sister to convert. But he didn't do it. 
You might not know that he had to leave his own home for that. And that Neeraj himself did not change his religion why should we change his two year old son's religion?" "What's wrong with him? When he grows up, he will join our religion!" "From what? And once he grows up and realizes that we will give him complete freedom to do as he pleases! But till then you cannot force him." "We will see to it. Once you hand him over to us, your responsibility is over." "Chee, Chee! If you are going to change his religion, I will not hand him over to you." After saying that Ishaan's religion will change Appa was also very agitated. Finally he said, "Right now Ishaan is very young and Jaya is the only one who has him, so he will not be without her. So there is no point in sending him with you right now. So don't take the trouble of taking him away." Seeing Appa's eagerness in speaking, he also took a step back, and then somehow my life came to life. In fact, it cost me my life to send him. But only for his good I had that thought, but they already gave me the idea to change Ishaan's religion so it was fine! Otherwise, he would have done all this without being taken there? My brother and sister-in-law got married without changing their religion, not only that, but respecting each other's religion, they made their married life happy. So what right do we have to force this religion on their children? I did not like it at all. But seeing me alone, Ena's brother might not have heard me. But even Appa did not like this trick of his conversion, so it was fine. He also protested wholeheartedly. Later I literally thanked Appa. Seeing this yearning to take care of Ishaan, that too changed a little. 
They tried to help me as much as possible. But very heart patient! So they didn't want to lift anything heavy. And Ishaan is such a baby bearer that even if I carry him and walk for a while, I get tired too. Once Ishaan wanted to pick up Appa from behind, so when Appa picked him up, his chest immediately started hurting. The doctor said bed rest for seven to eight days. So the mother-in-law took Ishaan to such an extent that she did not even allow him to go near his father. As a drowning man should be supported by a stick, I got the appancha, it also stopped completely. On the other hand, I had to put oil in my eyes and keep a watchful eye so that Ishaan does not go to Appa's room. There was no point in expecting anything from Viraj. He is immersed in his office, tours and parties! If he is in the house, he has to take care of his deployment. His mood goes down for so many reasons and now Ishaan is his headache. 

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