The feeling of not being able to love

18 Jan 2023

It is very painful for everyone to not be able to love. This is the helplessness in our emotional life. We love someone very much, but it seems that we are destined to not be together. I believe this feeling is very uncomfortable.

You can give all of yourself for this love, but in the end, the relationship between each other is still empty like a bamboo basket, although everyone has the right to pursue their own love.

But you also need to know the risks. And don't be afraid because you can't get it for a while, you must boldly believe in love, don't follow the bad examples.

No matter how much you pay, there is no return

Sometimes no matter how much you pay, there will be no return. Although such a relationship cannot be called love, it can be regarded as a relationship experience once.

I invested in my feelings and showed the deepest things of my heart, but the final result was not so beautiful.

You have to know that love is free, you can like others, and at the same time others can choose not to like you, there is no right or wrong between them.

So when you meet a girl you can't get, don't get too entangled. It's just a waste of your time and energy to entangle with these helpless feelings.

Envious of other people's love

Looking at other people's sweet love life, we often show envious emotions, but in fact, it is unnecessary, as long as you really love someone, then the other person will definitely respond to you.

Don't envy other people's love, you must manage your own love seriously, this is what you should do, but when you can't love, at this time you envy other people's feelings, you are entangled in the past.

You are always unwilling to admit the fact that she doesn't like you, and you can't let go of this relationship, which will only make your feelings deeper and deeper.

You have to know that instead of envying other people's love, it is better to fight for it yourself, go out more, enrich yourself more, make yourself different, make yourself excellent, and only in this way can you become attracted to the opposite sex.

Before loving someone, you must first learn to love yourself. Don’t let your love become worthless. Don’t let yourself lose yourself in such a fruitless relationship, and in the end you will find that your true love will be waiting for you not far away

Don't indulge in other people's love, it is important to manage your own love seriously


Sometimes not being able to love is also caused by yourself, because you can't give her an accurate heart, and you can't let her know whether you really like her.

You have been wandering between friends and lovers, giving her an ambiguous feeling, and always hanging her feeling, will only make her feel that you are not sincere, that there is no true relationship between you and that she is afraid that you will betray her love for you.

That's why you can't love each other. That's why you have to speak out your love boldly. Unspoken love will have no effect and cannot make any progress in the relationship between you.

Therefore, it is more necessary for you to take the initiative to create the emotions that you both want.

Between two people, there must be one person who takes the initiative, take it seriously and let him see your sincerity to her, and let him see what you have paid for her, then she will know Your love for her is genuine.


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