Rooster Crows

9 Feb 2023

The rooster crows, and the moon fades away

A new day begins, let's dance and play

The coffee's brewing, and the toast is hot

Let's start this morning with a silly thought

We'll put on our shoes, and tie them with a bow

And off we'll go, to the land of "Oh Wow!"

Where the flowers giggle, and the trees sway

And the clouds are smiling on this brand new day

So let's sing a song,

and whistle a tune Dance with the birds,

and howl at the moon For life is too short,

to be anything but gay Let's have a silly morning, every single day!

The sun peeks over the horizon's edge

A new day begins, with a promise of new things ahead

Let's stretch our limbs, and do a little jig

And chase away the sleep with a silly twig

We'll make a cup of tea, with a twist and a swirl

And add a little bit of sugar, to make our hearts twirl

We'll sit and sip, with a smile on our face And look out the window,

to a brand new place So let's skip down the street,

and spin around And make the world smile, with a silly sound

For life is too short, to be anything but light

Let's have a silly morning, every morning and every night!

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