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15 Dec 2022

The importance of spending time together as a family is indisputable. Having healthy human connections with our family members is crucial for our social well-being and overall wellness.
Yet, according to research, the time families spend together doing a shared activity is significantly low. American families spend just 37 minutes of quality time together per day.
One of the best ways to reconnect with your family is through family traditions.
Whether you have a long-standing tradition you’ve been doing for years, or you’re looking for a new family tradition, we’re here to help.
Let’s explore the importance of family traditions in today’s fast-paced world, as well as some great ideas for new traditions for your household.

What are family traditions?

A family tradition is an activity or pattern of behavior that reflects a family's values, interests, or beliefs. Once established, it will hopefully be passed down through the generations. It represents your specific family unit and is like your own family culture.

The traditional nuclear family is less common today than previous generations.. Blended families, extended families, couples without children, and chosen families all have traditions too. 

These families may not span several generations. But even if they’re brand new, they’re something that should be celebrated.

Even a friendship group or chosen family, can consider themselves a family and create traditions that resonate with them.

Some family traditions may have symbolic significance. Your family might travel to a specific location as a site of celebration — much like a religious pilgrimage. But while tradition is commonly associated with religious rituals, it can also be a secular event.

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