Monthly Report - November 2023

6 Dec 2023

Monthly Reports are good source of reshape our engagement, struggle and schedules. A true picture of our timeworth of previous month and gives indicators for better planning for upcoming months. It gives us opportunity to rethink, replan and regain what we missed. It works like a trainer which modify our approach and convert the energy towards best results.

November was a fabulous month in terms of engagement, exploring the new hubs , friendships and earning. So how I spent my November and what accomplish in my online writing/ blogging/trading/staking.
let look at ,

Publish0x is prestigious platform where we can earn $ETH and $OP currently on optimism chain but first two weeks were $ETH , $AMPL and $Spot on Ethereum chain. I published 14 articles on Publish0x during the month and Earned $4.87 in all.

The most elder Campanian in my writing journey. is another stunning platform in blogging where we can post long articles as well as short post also. Users giving tips to each other but main source of earning is from Random rewarder , which is algorithm base bot and gives tips randomly. The main and only tipping currency is Bitcoin Cash (BCH) which has morvolus characteristics like Solana. The glory of is dimming now a days and tips on articles also dried up. I published 13 articles there but gets only $3.71. The figure blow is screen shot of my wallet which gets good face only after price surge in December.

Cashrain is a powerful advertising tool where any content creator , YouTuber , project designer, twitter monetizers can boost their work by pouring Bitcoin Cash on community. There are different tasks to do like share , subscribe and add friends and easily we can Bitcoin Cash. I earned $2.81 from cashrain in November.


I have some different assets like $BCH $SOL $waxp $ETH and $GMT in my portfolio and due to price surge it gain almost $100 and reached to good point. I hope by coming months it will get more trigger and on best value I will think to sell them.

StormGain is a semi exchange hub which allow users to mine Bitcoin BTC. On each $10 equivalent BTC is withdraw able and user should invest in trading . The profit on trading is withdraw able to any exchange/ wallet. I was lucky enough in November that get good trade opportunities on StormGain and earned $27.55.

Tangled is another social media platform which paying it's users in Millix (MLX) against the engagement like commenting, posting, reacting and sharing micro blogging posts. I joined tangled in end of November and earned 5,906,465 millix equal to $1.41 in 10 days.

Bulb is most prominent, progressive and dynamic web3 social media platform. Bulb has stunning community of 23K+ members and aggressive road map to gets bulls entry in crypto market as well. Bulb paying in its native token $BULB to the users on base of bulb points they earned by posting articles, commenting and reacting on other's articles.

Bulb remained most engaging site for me in November and I published 22 articles in November which mostly high appreciated by glorious community. All my articles earned 2105 bulb points and around same amount I earned by commenting and reactions. I added 5 new users in bulb community by referral and share my blogs on other site like Twitter, , tangled and Publish0x.

A total of 227K bulbs came in my portfolio in November and gain mini tribe of 25 followers , 42 following. It showing some blissful figures but it will be good when actually listed in any Dex. I found Bulb an amazing potential able site and always encourage the people of my circle to join here.

So totally I earned $140 and 227K Bulb in November. ( Keep in mind I am a farmer, grocery store owner, father of twinkling dolls and property advisor. So not getting enough time for my online activities)

That's all for today, like , thumb up to wow and leave comments for feedback.


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