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18 Dec 2022

What is social media

Social media is a place in the world of Internet where we can virtually present our views on a topic. We can share something with our friends and the world which we are liking .
In today's world people are more busy in their social media life then their physical life. Everyone is busy in there social media accounts than meeting peoples physically.

Social media types

1. Blogging type : in it we can write blogs can present our views can write our views .
2. Sharing type : Where we can share photos and videos to our family and friends.
3. Gaming type where we can play some games.

Benefits of social media

1. For Long distance : Social media helos to reduces the distance between our friends and family if we are living long distance away from them.
2. Freeness : Social media gives us the freeness to present out views in front of anyone without any hesitation form anyone and we can write our views.
3. Making Friends : Nowadays making friends has become very easy as this social media came, we can make anyone friend by messaging them and having a quality talk with them.
4. Promote anything : Nowadays social media has become the best place to do promotion of anything, there are a lot of population which are on different types of social media .

Effects of social media :

1. Wasting lot of Time : The amount of time which we are spending daily is becoming more and more. We are spending more time on social Media then doing things on real life .
2. Social media has became addiction : A research has find that an average person spends 1 hour and 35 minutes on social media daily. I don't think nowadays people can live without Social media.
3. Sleep : People who use social media at very late night could not get proper sleep.
4. Distraction : People who are addicted very much from social media are very much distracted from it could not focus on anything.

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