My favourite blockchain pt.3

1 Jul 2022

Did you miss the part 1 and 2 of the My favourite blockchain stories, do well to check it out. I will be continuing from where I stoped right now, so follow me through it.

What is my favourite project on Solana?

Well for Me, any project that fetches ME money is definitely my favourite.
Well, as of now, I would say that so far I would definitely pick BULB as my favourite Solana project at the moment.

Bulb rewards Me for doing something I a passionate about, which is Blogging and that's definitely something to be happy about.

My second favourite project would be Crema Finance, I and Crema have a bond I just can't explain.

Would I want to Buidl an application on Solana?

Yes, I would definitely Buidl on Solana. Why not.

Which token do I hodl the most on Solana?

My most held token is $CRM of Crema Finance, you might just want to stack your bags with some too.

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