The best way to save your seed phrases

10 Aug 2022

What is a seed phrase?

In a simple term seed phrases are just words that represent a pass code to access yourw allet. Some decentralized wallets have a 12-words seed phrase while others are 24-word

Today's question is, what is the best way to save these phrases?

As a newbie in the crypto space, I saved my phrases on my goodle keep notes, which I felt was safe at then. Google note had its advantages, I didn't have to worry about it missing or getting corrupted in the long run.

But as the years went by, I realized that e-mails can be hacked and information such as seed phrases can be easily accessible once an email is compromised.

Short story:

A friend of mine got hacked a while back, and all His wallet addresses got compromised because the hacker had access to his email addresss and His wallets got drained

Thal experience from my friend really messed wilh my brain about saving certain information in the Google note or drive.

So I went for something less techy. I now save my seed phrases in a journal, which is risky as well but then I feel it's safer compared to my mail. 

Anyways, if you got a better means to save seed phrases, please share in the comment section. 

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Over time I guess there will be a better and safer way to save our key phrases
Johnson Chau
Security in the crypto world is extremely important. Go with the recommendation for layer 1 blockchains - get a hardware wallet and save your assets there. Solana recommends ledger wallet for hardware wallet and it supports many types of currency!
I prefer to save the key in the book
Security is very necessary in this field. So we should keep it alsafe
how someone can keep their phrase online that too on a google drive, suppose if it was not hacked than also its not safe google privacy and encryption is always a question of matter.i write it on paper and keep it in safe.
Personally, I have been writing my keys in a book but I thought what if a disaster like fire or water destroys the book so recently I thought of a new approach. Which is to store the keys in an encrypted file and save the encrypted file to google drive. This way, even if your Google account is hacked, your keys are still safe because they are in an encrypted file.
According to me the best and the safe way to keep our seed phrase or phrase key save is to write it down on a paper or a book. So that it will never be hacked
Security is a big issue when you think about it. Even writing in journals too, what if the journal goes missing?
We should always make sure that the phrasekeys that we are noting are saved in safe and secure place
Great way to store safe your phrasekey .
Nothing is totally secure. Saving your seed phrases in a journal is a nice idea but then you should save it up in more than one journal incase one gets missing.
I had a similar experience, but I am grateful I was able to come back strong. The issue of seed phrase storage is a serious one and should be treated as a top priority. A crypto user can be reduced from Hero to Zero with a compromised wallet address
Dave Ating
To obtain maximum security for any important document, it is not advisable that you digitalize it because once an information leaves you and enter the digital world, it has no 100 percent security. Just remember to keep it from the reach of cockroaches when you write it in a journal, or when save in a file
Security is a serious concern in this time of rampant hacks
Thanks for sharing this. I too, when first starting in the crypto space, wondered where best to saved and store specific information. It raises the question on where you store all your personal information, passwords and phrases as we become more digitised. Password safes?
Thanks for sharing these tips, truly saving seed phrases online can be risky if there's a breach in information
security of crypto wallet seed phrases is no doubt very important and could be challenging
A recovery phrase (sometimes known as a seed phrase) is a series of words generated by your cryptocurrency wallet that gives you access to the crypto
We should save our key by writing it down on a book Or a paper
Earlier I used to save my phrasekey in whatsApp but now I don't save it their, thanks for this great article
Really security is a big issue, we should note down all the phrasekeys
The safety of one's seed phrase is very important in order not to losse everything you've got in there. It'll be very devastating