Today I successfully registered for direct second year engineering registration process ๐Ÿ“„

14 Oct 2022

I awoke this morning at a very early morning. My friend Anuj, who is calling from his phone, called me. Our registration process has started in the last several days, Anuj tells me. He also told me that we will be completing our registration process today. I have all the paperwork I need to register. I checked out all the documents on the website. I gather all of the necessary paperwork and put it all in my college backpack. At 11 a.m., "O' clock, Anuj arrives at my chamber. We both went to the Deoigiri College, which is close to the FC centre where we both work. We have already asked the appropriate sir or madam in that institute for all information pertaining to our registration process. We went into the institution. Our bicycle was left in the parking lot. We paid for parking.ย 

We entered the institute, and I surveyed it. This campus is amazing. I finally entered this institute after several days. This institute has been helping people grow themselves recently. We entered the engineering department, where the facility for registration and document verification is provided by this institute. Anuj already completed his paperwork a day or two ago. The computer lab was where we entered. All students who come to register will receive assistance from three teachers. With all of the students, these professors are really supportive. We have a conversation about the registration process. These instructors clearly step-by-step explain every element. Together with anuj, I chose a computer and began the registration process. We set up an official website, and I registered there using my phone number and email address. My sim had an otp, so we went in and finished the process. Then we logged into my account and filled out all the information. There are many different kinds of details, including candidate details, education details, candidate type details, and document details uploaded. We completed all of these fields. Following the decision to register, we have already scanned all of my paperwork. We successfully upload all of these details. The process was fairly simple. When I'm in my room in the early morning, I think this process is really difficult, but it was really rather simple. We ask these teachers for assistance if we have any questions during the registration process, and they are all quite helpful. These teachers were really kind and explained all the issues. I believe the procedure is moving along nicely right now. After completing all registration steps, we pay the Rs. 600 registration cost. I paid for this with my credit card. It is carried out effortlessly. After finishing everything, we asked these teachers what to do next. They were very friendly, as I said. They explained my document verification's next stage. I created two copies of my papers as they advised. I have 6 original documents that I have uploaded. As instructed by the teachers, we made two copies of my document, which are Xeroxes of the originals. a copy of the original document was also made for simple verification. We move on to the next block with our three copies of documentation, the teachers announce. This is the fc center's stage in the document verification process. There are already few pupils present for verification. I am now standing in a brief row. Twenty minutes later, my number was called. I sit in the chair and enter my login information, which the teacher has available for verification, to the teacher. I offer all of my document's information for verification. My document verification process was completed in 5 minutes. I entered my entry in the register that is there for records after completing my verification process.ย 

(In this entire procedure, i can't share one thing with you. I. am going to share you in short. there is one girl, She had a fantastic attitude that was calm, silent and peaceful๐Ÿ˜Š. this is insufficient words to decribe her๐Ÿ˜Š. Throughout the entire registration process, we are together. I get along great with her. At 10 o'clock that day, I write this post. During writing, I have vivid memories of her. I kept thinking of her while writing this entire post๐Ÿ˜Š. She was amazing. For me, this was a fantastic feeling as compared to prior days. I am unable to express this feeling in words. There seems to be a genuine connection between us๐Ÿ˜Š.)ย 

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