My favourite playlist

19 Jan 2023

So I was having a chat with a friend of mine about random things until we landed on playlists. She went on and on about how people listen to songs or have playlists for different moods they are in or different situations they are facing. I was like " I do not believe that it happens like that ", we went on and on and on and on about it till we started asking people for their opinions on the matter and it seemed everyone was siding with her on this it was shocking to me because I literally have one playlist I listen to on repeat but the good thing about it is that, it's made by spotiyso it reshuffles and add new songs to the playlist but still giving me the same vibe the others give. I use this playlist to read,to invite sleep even when I am pumped (psyched) I listen to this playlist.
Which brings me to this question, why do you think I do this? Please let me know you thoughts on this in the comment section.
Just incase you want to listen to the playlist here you go

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