27 Sept 2022

Inequality is an unjust or unfair distribution of resources amongst people in a society.
That is it can also be seen as the differences between male and female 
Factors that bring about inequalities are 
1. Cultural Factors 
2.Labour Factor 
3.Gender role
4.Educational Factor
5.Economic factor 
6.Religious Factor
Socio-psychological Factor
 people who are not educated cannot get a well paid job as same as the people who are educated and also in the area of gender inequality, women where not allowed to go to school in the olden days it was believed that they belonged to the kitchen and were a baby making machine.
It was also said that women were a more weaker vessel men were seen as more inferior to the womenfolk and the women were seen as subordinates.
The inequality can also exist with those with disabilities,those with disability are being sidelined in the society and they feel they are incompetent to curb inequality is by giving them the opportunity to express themselves in the society and also give what they can offer.
in the political aspect inequality has brought disparity among them,it should be curb in the society to bring in the women into politics that is the feminism the ability given to the women to participate in politics in order to bridge the inequality among them.

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