Why receiving love is important

19 Oct 2022

No of your age, gender, sexual orientation, or state of physical or mental health, you and those around you deserve to be loved and cared for.
Receiving love and affection is satisfying for a reason. It is a process that takes place chemically when oxytocin, also known as the "love hormone," is released. Your level of oxytocin is increased by affectionate actions such as holding hands, hugging, or having sex. In turn, this promotes connection, lessens discomfort, and generally calms things down.

Love and affection even seem to have many positive effects on your health, decreasing blood pressure, regulating mood, and much more.
Receiving love and affection has benefits for the mind, the heart, and society. Your confidence and self-esteem significantly increase, in addition to aiding you in maintaining satisfying, long-lasting relationships. You and your loved one can deepen your relationship and create bigger trust for one another.

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Love is really what makes the earth round!
I believe that nobody in this world can live happy knowing they are not loved by anybody. The feeling of recieving love alone is a drive to do things and to live happily. When you know someone loves you,there is a different type of joy you feel in your heart. Especially if it's true love , knowing that someone had your back ,the feeling is great.
Learn to love, love sometimes helps you through your difficulties phases, one way or the other.
Being in love is a beautiful feeling. The jitters, the butterflies, and the anxiety when you fall in love with someone are inexpressible. Love should be given more importance than money as love is always everlasting. Money is important to live, but having a true companion you can always trust.