That Mistake I Made that I Must Share with you.

8 Feb 2023

Just today,I was SO overwhelmed with work
and everything, I wanted to rend my flesh, yank my hair, lean out my window and scream into the. void and ask God,
Whyyyy? Why can't this process in my life be easy?" Instead, I put away my phone and computer and napped.
Why? I refused to participate in the chaos that was about to erupt in my mind. After I put away my computer and
napped, I woke up to more problems at work and I almost cried, it just felt like a lot.
I sat with someone and complained for a few minutes, then went back to my computer, and took a deep breath,
then I said this prayer, "Dear Lord, this storm is not here
to destroy my boat but to set it right on course. Please help me to understand the times that I am in, and grant
me calm, so I can go through this journey, learning all the things you need me to know. Amen." I took a deep breath
and chose peace, again.
Now, picture me going through all of these -trying to find peace to journey through my life- and on the internet, the
world is talking about me, cursing me, telling me how to run my life, and rubbishing my hard work. This was what I failed to see when I made that mistake in 2015/2016 by picking at Tiwa Savage and Toke Makinwa, joining the world to break down their lives harshly, and telling them I do not approve of their actions.

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