Best Internet Browsers

8 Dec 2022

Firefox: Firefox has long been the internet's Swiss Army Knife and my preferred browser. Version 90 is very good: it can notify you if your email address is included in a known data breach, it disables those awful allow-notifications popups, it blocks "fingerprinting" browser tracking, and it adds picture-in-picture video mode to the Mac version.

Chrome: Chrome 91 is far from a horrible browser. On the contrary, it's a fantastic browser with a fantastic library of add-ons, cross-platform support and sync, good autofill features, and some terrific web developer tools. It can tell you if your email has been compromised, it provides secure DNS lookup for compatible providers (including Google's own Public DNS), and it prevents a wide range of potentially harmful mixed content, including scripts and images, over otherwise safe connections. It also makes the WebXR API for AR and VR available.

Operamini: Opera is yet another Chromium-based browser, thus performance is fast and add-ons from the Chrome library are available. It also has some interesting ideas of its own, such as Flow, which is designed for people who frequently notice things they want to return to later: if you're constantly emailing or messaging interesting links to yourself, Flow allows you to do so more elegantly by making it easy to share content from Opera on your phone to Opera on your computer.


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