4 Exercise must be done.

25 Sept 2022

Those who have to sit for the whole day, they must do these 4 exercises. By doing these exercises, you can get relief from the problems caused by sitting continuously.

New studies have found that if you work for 5 to 6 hours a day, then it also affects the body in the same way as smoking. Sitting for such a long time can affect your posture, start accumulating fat in the body and you can also start to feel pain in your hips and back. You will not feel any difference from sitting for a few days, but gradually these symptoms start showing. To avoid these problems, you can do this exercise for half an hour daily, so that you will not have back pain.

1. Lunge Stretch :

This exercise is not very difficult and it can be done easily by beginners too. To do this, you have to stand straight and keep your hands on your hips. Now bring your right leg forward and try to bring the body as low as possible. You can also keep your hands on the knees to remain stable. After some time now bring the leg back and do the same with the other leg. This exercise targets your hamstrings, quads and thighs.

2. Chest Opener :

This exercise works to open the muscles of your chest and shoulders. If there is a little bit of pain in the back, then this stretch will be cured. First of all, sit with your back straight. Take your hands backwards and try to bring them as far as you can towards the hips. Slightly bend your body and at the same time make the hands vertical so that the fingers are pointing towards the ceiling. Stay in this pose for a few seconds and relax.

3. Down Ward Facing Dog :

This exercise is best to get rid of pain in neck and waist. Bring your feet and hands to the ground. Your wrists should be under your shoulders and your knees should be under your hips. Take a breath in and try to raise the hips upwards as well as keep the elbows straight. Keep your eyes on the navel and relax after some time. Keep your neck straight at this time.

4. Reverse PlankĀ  :

Plank helps in strengthening your abdominal muscles. If you do reverse plank, then the muscles of the lower back are affected. Sit on a mat and place your palms on the ground with your back. Now try to raise your hips and look towards the ground. Your chest should be tight during this time and your body should be in a straight line. Hold for 5 breaths and then relax.

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