giants, 1925.

11 Mar 2023

Pictured is a probable descendant of the giants, 1925.

This photograph was taken by Martin Chambi Jimenez, one of the first known indigenous photographers of Latin America.

In the photo is a tall man, a native of the southern highlands of the province of Paruro and the photographer himself. This race of tall people, inhabited parts of the Amazon forests no more than a few centuries ago.

The skeletons found in those places "show no signs of diseases, such as growth hormone problems, which are common in most cases of gigantism. On all the skeletons, the joints were healthy and the lung cavity was large.
It is hard to imagine that all peoples could ever unite together without political conflict, wars and the like.

However, facts from the past prove, at the very least, that civilizations on different continents borrowed technology and different structures

For example, there are pyramids and dolmens of unknown purpose all over the world. Almost everywhere in the world there is polygonal masonry, metal braces, rounded corners and deformation of megaliths in an unknown way

You could list a dozen such techniques and they are all plus or minus the same, but then how was the information transmitted across the ocean? There can not be such coincidences in technology and knowledge of ancient civilizations.

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