Instant gratification

14 Dec 2022

Instant gratification in raw definition is essentially receiving pleasure or fulfilment with little delay. Where this strikes primarily in todays time, most commonly on the internet are what are known as 'shorts'. These can be found on various social media like Instagram, snapchat, Facebook, Tiktok and on YouTube as well. The idea of all of these shorts are that they are generally anywhere between 30 seconds to a minute long and aim to grab our attention by giving us the dopamine hit of a burst of entertainment on the spot without having to wait for a build up. A common example of this is taking scenes from movies or Tv shows, giving the audience the good parts of a movie or Tv show get us used to seeing those clips condensed into the funniest or most enjoyable moments. I believe a long exposure to entertainment like this reduces our ability to appreciate a story line or build up of a movie or Tv show as we are unable to get the quick and easy entertainment hit.
This kind of effect can also have an affect on other aspects on life too, not just aimless watching or reading things online, but may affect our real life choices. Choosing a path or an activity to give us instant gratification because that is what we are used to. An example could be financial decisions, where we may gain a smaller amount of money in the short term because we have that instant gratification rather than being more patient to get a larger return.
The concept of instant gratification I believe in very damaging to humans as it sets our priorities more prominently in the short term rather than the long term. The fix for this is to reduce time spent in activities that activate that instant gratification sense, to get people more used to being patient in awaiting their entertainment or gratification again.


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