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5 May 2023

It is said that 'Atithi Devo Bhava' is the identity of Indian culture. Treat the guest like God. The ancients taught in this verse to welcome him with that spirit. The motto of the Indian Tourism Department is something like this. The motto of the Rajasthan State Tourism Corporation is 'Padharo Mare Des' meaning 'Come to my country, you are welcome'. It is true that the reception of a guest, his hospitality is a joy; But in the changing social and economic conditions, it cannot be denied that 'guests' can become a headache instead of being a matter of happiness in the fast paced modern lifestyle. That is why the phrase in a famous Marathi play, "Guests are good, they say that they come and come, but they never come..." This sentence describes the changed situation very accurately. Earlier, we used to go and stay with our relatives as 'guests' on auspicious occasions like Diwali vacations, summer vacations, weddings, relatives used to come to us as guests without hesitation, Khushal used to stay for many days. Even now this going and coming, living is going on; But there is a caution, a calculation. Although the intimacy, closeness, and belongingness of the relationship determine who to go to or how, whether the one to go to likes to come, whether his house and financial condition are good enough to welcome us, whether we can afford it if he comes to us as a return. And calculations are behind this decision. That is why the chapter on hospitality of guests is written here in general form. Those who have wealth, big houses and also have the attitude of welcoming people can provide all kinds of services for their guests. Not everyone can do it. There are generally two types of visitors. The first 'digiters' is the visitor's. These people come for their work. When the work is over, the talk is over, they leave. They may be in contact with you for a few minutes to a few hours. These people are not residents or sojourners. A large number of such visitors come for office work, business relations. Such visitors come only by making an 'appointment' as far as possible, i.e. by pre-approving the visit and pre-fixing the time. We are used to meeting them as it is part of our office work.

Following are some things that can be said as a host to such guests.

1) Dealing with guests becomes easier if you get enough information about the guests in advance. Also, if you have an idea about the work or topic that the visitor is going to meet, you can study and prepare it properly and thereby save valuable time for both you and the visitor. Who will get visitors depends on many factors like your social position, position, title, authority, expertise etc. For example, if you are a practicing doctor, you may have a patient.

2) Keep your language, face and mood as pleasant as possible while talking to the visitor. It makes a good impression on the visitor and even if you don't meet his expectations about work, he won't be too upset by your fresh mouth. Will not be sad.

3) Listen quietly and attentively to the questioner. Don't let your prejudice, misunderstanding come in while listening to it. Look at Ligiter, his subject, with clear eyes. Avoid making false promises to visitors. Give him an idea of what is true, what is possible.

4) Under the hospitality of Kijitar, give him drinking water, tea according to the situation. Do not forget to water at least
Each office has company procedures on how to handle office-related visitors. There are instructions and instructions about it. Follow it. One of the perceptions of home visiting office visitors is that meeting at home means that work will be done, so many meet at home. You can meet and talk more relaxed at home. It is true that you get more 'privacy' at home; But do not say or act in such a way as to mislead the visitor.

• How hosts should behave:

The guests who come to stay at home include only 'intimate' people such as close relatives, close friends. We can also do two types in these visitors. A 'VIP' guest is someone who is of great importance for one reason or another, this 'importance' can often be due to relationship. It means that the relative 'son-in-law' is always considered important to us. No matter what he is in terms of quality, achievement, economic, social status, he is a son-in-law in the family relationship, that is, he is important. Ideally, people who have helped us, nurtured us, educated us or otherwise helped us, to whom we are indebted, are also VIP guests in a sense. Sister Mahervashini, who gives for bankruptcy, is also considered a VIP by us. Relatives coming from abroad are also VIPs. In general, we can say that a person who is richer and more successful than us is a VIP guest for us. some tips on how to deal with residential guests as a host.

1) Greet the resident guest warmly. Welcome with a smile. Nor will the ease of his journey be reduced. Also the mental stress will be reduced, because how will you be welcomed by the person you are going to Even if they say no to the question of whether they like it, there may be some stress on their mind.

2) A resident guest expects adequate and tidy accommodation. He is happy when he has a bed, drinking water, bathroom, adequate light, air, as well as security and privacy of his belongings. A separate 'guestroom' for guests is out of the question; But if not, the host should see that he gets all the facilities, tips, cleanliness at least. For that, if he wants to make some temporary improvements or changes etc. in his house or in the arrangement of furniture or in his schedule, he should make them well in advance.

3) If the guests do not have their own towels, soap etc., they should also be made available to them. Mirror, hair oil, comb, necessary beauty products should be provided thinking about what we would expect if we go to stay with others as a guest. A local newspaper, magazine should also be given to the guest. Independent TV It is not possible to give. The 'goodnight' mat should also have a small lamp for this night to avoid mosquitoes. Arrangements should be made to ensure that all belongings of the resident guest including mobile handsets, laptops, cameras or similar valuables are kept close to him. Mobile 'charging' facility is required.

4) Let's see if he needs solitude to work, write 'diary', write accounts, work on laptop etc, he should get it. You yourself or other members of the household, children should not tamper then. Especially small children have a childish curiosity about the visitor, his belongings etc. Children should be instructed on how to behave with guests so that children do not interfere with the privacy of guests. If Pana is a woman, many small and big things should be taken care of. The female guest should be arranged in such a way that she will not be inconvenienced in changing clothes, sleeping etc. Today, fresh flowers and room freshener sprays are sure to please.

5) How long is the stay of water, what is its daily schedule. If you ask in advance what you want and don't want in it, the necessary services and facilities for water can be provided to the host. It can be properly planned. If you want to serve food for breakfast to the guests, then arrangements should be made keeping in mind the preference of water. If your house, its design, other members of the house are not necessary for the guest, then you should tell and show them properly at the beginning so that the guest will not feel any hesitation while walking.

All the services you need as a host to a guest And provision must be made; But also talking to guests, Talking, smiling is also important. Mere arrangement is not enough, the reader should be aware. This is a brief discussion about how to act as a host, what to do, if we are going to stay as a guest, when
There were some points on how to behave

• How guests should behave:

1) Your relationship with the host to whom you go should be intimate, close. The host should be given advance notice of his arrival time, vehicle, stay, length of stay etc. by phone or letter. It should be given in polite words.

2) The stay should be as short as possible. Care should be taken not to stress the host. Go to the host prepared to be less dependent, take your paste, brush, soap, mirror, oil and other personal items with you. It should preferably not be dependent on the host.

3) Talk to everyone in the host's house with a smile. Care should be taken that the host or his family will not be hurt knowingly or unknowingly. The host, his wife, children, parents must be addressed in their farewells according to authority. We should also say thank you. Also, the host should be invited to come to us. Please do not invite your friends, relatives, office colleagues or others to your host's home.

4) Make proper use of the facilities provided by the host. Take care not to violate the rules and regulations of his home. Don't spoil his house. Pay close attention to cleanliness and tidiness. No smoking in the host's home. don't spit Please do not act in such a way that you will cause trouble to anyone be it the host, his family, his children. Enjoy tea, coffee, food in moderation. Do not drop or waste food. Appreciate it. Be grateful for it. Host's phone, T.V. Minimize the use of such devices. Also take care not to disturb others for any reason.

6) Welcome your host through courtesy, relationship, hospitality Be aware of what you are doing. He must do all this, that right
Do not dictate to him. Thank the host. Give suitable gifts to his children. Invite to stay with you. Don't criticize the host's service.

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