Who is your best life partner?

10 Jun 2022

After the age of 30, most people have already gone through a long-term relationship, maybe even two or more. Some guys have a marriage and a subsequent divorce under their belts, determined not to make the same mistakes. 

Psychologists and coaches agree that choosing the right partner for marriage will determine the quality of a person’s life in a greater extent than deciding on a career path. Particularly, if you intend to have kids together, you will be forever connected to their mother. Many authors of dating tips suggest a routine how to  is some soul-searching work to be done before you can consider yourself ready to find a partner for life. By the age of 30, a person’s character and values are formed. You have done some hard yards in the dating world, learned what you like and dislike in women, have a set of schedules and customs in your daily life. You established a career. It may help to take an inventory and write down, once again, things that you consider important in your existence, what your enjoy today and would like to explore in the future. Even if you do it every few months, things on this list may change. Acceptance and understanding of who you are, unsurprisingly, help you attract the lady who is right for you. women and get them to like you, but if you seek a long-term relationship, such advice may backfire. Enduring connections are built on authenticity, which is the opposite of routines. 

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