The story of sunny

29 Oct 2022

Sunny, son of Ranga Patal of Kalwadi, failed in class 12th this year too. So I used to sit in front of the TV for hours and watch channels like 'National Geography', 'Discovery', 'Animal Planet'. How does one catch a snake? Who caught what kind of python? Which animal lives in which forest? Used to get information about many things like this. Day by day his taste in these things increased. He decided that he wanted to do something different and started a business. Sunny used to put sugar, jaggery and collect big ants in a secret room in the palace every day, and also went to the hill of Kaloba.

He used to catch various things like scorpions under the rocks, gomes, lizards on the trees, sparrows, fish in the pond, crabs and frogs and bring them home and keep them sealed in glass jars. Soon the news of Sunny's industry spread like wind in the village. On holidays, the children of the wadi used to gather at the palace of the Patels. All the children were very excited to see this unique museum of Sunny, and as soon as they went home, they told their parents, "Dad, today Sunnykaka caught ten crabs... ""Mummy, Sunny Mama brought big crow eggs today.. she used to say with appreciation. As soon as they heard this talk of their children, the parents of the children would also go to the palace to see Sunny's industry. Ranga Patal, however, began to suffer a lot from all these things. He took pleasure in Sunny, Palvi to maiyat ki Patil how many crabs did the boy catch... 2. No matter how many crow eggs Samin brings, tell him to bring parrot eggs... Hey, stop doing Patilki and you are in the shade... "Hearing the shouts of Patals, Patalinawai came out and started talking to the same Patals. As soon as he heard his mother's speech, Sunny said very much, "Dad, you see, one day I will go to Brazil, catch an anaconda there and come on Discovery... On that Patil said, "Oh, cockroach, does anyone come on Discovery after killing ants? Oh, you're a baby snake Marana an kut chachala Brazil..." Sunny got very angry after hearing Patal's words. He picked up the vida that he had to catch the snake in any case and immediately started a snake search mission from the second day. Once from Sadamama's house on the side of the road, he called 'snake snake'. There was a scream of a woman. As soon as he heard it, all the people on the street ran towards the house along with Sunny. Clearing the crowd, Sunny said to Sai, "Why is Sai afraid? I. Hi Na, show me where Syo? Sai again started talking in fear. "Oh Sunny, lay big hi tyo... sitting in the cupboard with a jar of chillies... Sunny went to the kitchen to catch the snake and peeked into the jar behind the jar of chili. Sunin set fire to Nano's tire in the house after someone gave him the idea that if Singad Naitar burns the tire, Sam will come out. Within an hour, the entire tire was burnt. Many things like utensils, clothes, mattresses outside were blackened due to tire smoke.

Just then Sadanana came home. They see something strange in the cupboard behind Mirchi's feet. Then Sunny inserted the iron wire inside and pulled it out forcefully. At that moment a black pipe with a rope tied to the cylinder fell from the compartment. Everyone was surprised to see that pipe. Meanwhile, Sadamama hurriedly came forward and quickly took the pipe in her hand and started talking, "I saw the rhythm, I was tired of searching and searching, this pipe, my I wanted to send my sister-in-law to Pune, who knows what...?" Mama continued to talk. All the people were laughing at the cylinder pipe. Then Mama came to his senses and started shouting loudly, "My whole house has been blackened. Who will enter my house now?" As soon as they heard this talk of uncle, all the people started pointing at Sunny and took him out of his house. Sai warned his father that Sunny should not burn tires in the house. But he did not listen. Then uncle scolded him a lot. Not only this, he cleaned the whole house from him. His body was shaking for two days. From that day, whenever he saw Sunny in the garden, he asked, "Why did you upset the snake's cub...?" This song was sung very loudly.

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