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1 Feb 2023

1. CSSGradient
CSS Gradient is a tool that lets you create a gradient background for websites.
Link: https://cssgradient.io/gradient-backgrounds/

2. Lorem Picsum
Lorem Picsum is a placeholder generator for pictures, with lots of customization options. Provide parameters for your images directly in the URLs.
Link: https://picsum.photos/

3. Remove.bg
Remove the background of any photo automatically. Just select your image and instantly download the resulting image with the background removed.
Link: https://www.remove.bg/

4. Compressor.io
One of the most efficient image compressors out there with a modern-looking UI.
Link: https://compressor.io/

5. PFPmaker
PFPMaker generates professional profile pics from any photo. It uses background removal AI, beautifies your photo, and generates dozens of profile pic variations automatically.
Link: https://pfpmaker.com/

6. Neumorphism.io
Neumorphic shapes look incredible but are difficult to create. This generator makes it easy to create the shapes you’ve envisioned.
Link: https://neumorphism.io/

Animista is a great tool for creating custom CSS animations with various effects. Once you created your animation, generate the code and integrate it into your project.
Link: https://animista.net/

8. FontJoy
Fontjoy finds interesting font pairings using the embedding layer of a neural net. Click a button and a unique pairing is served upon our minimal interface.
Link: https://fontjoy.com/

9. Logo Ipsum
When in a rush to get a placeholder logo, feel free to use Logo Ipsum with tons of available choices and different logo designs fitting every need.
Link: https://logoipsum.com/

10. Carbon
Create and share beautiful images of your source code.
Link: https://carbon.now.sh/

11. Poet.so
Capture and share Twitter posts as beautiful images. It makes sharing Twitter posts on other platforms more visual and attention-grabbing.
Link: https://poet.so/

12. BrowserFrame
Easily wrap screenshots in browser frames. Drag-drop support. Generate screenshot from URL. Customize padding, scaling, background color.
Link: https://browserframe.com/

13. Box-shadow
Create modern-looking shadows. Edit their horizontal and vertical offsets, blur, and spread radiuses. Once you are done, generate the code and use it in your project.
Link: https://box-shadow.dev/

14. Readme.so
Readme.so is a simple editor that allows you to quickly add and customize all the sections you need for your project's README.
Link: https://readme.so/

15. Metatags.io
A tool to debug and generate meta tag code for any website. Preview how your webpage will look on Google, Facebook, Twitter, and more.
Link: https://metatags.io/

16. Favicon.io
Create a favicon in a few clicks from text, image, or emoji.
Link: https://favicon.io/

17. Unminify
Free tool to unminify (unpack, deobfuscate) JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XML and JSON code, making it readable and pretty.
Link: https://unminify.com/

18. CSS Sprites Generator
You may use CSS Sprites Generator to merge numerous photos into a single file.

19. Pixabay
Pixabay is a vibrant community of creatives, sharing copyright free images, videos and music.
Link: https://pixabay.com

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