Making colorful paper grasshoppers

1 Jun 2023

Today I appeared again with a new post. Today I will share with you how to make a grasshopper with colored paper. It took a lot of trouble to make this grasshopper. In the middle it was completely wrong. I could not match anything. I threw it away once and will not make it again. After a while I was able to cool down again. Not very good though. Still, I thought that since I made it with so much trouble and time, I will share it with you. Sometimes two are worse than one. Hope you don't feel too bad.

Required Materials:

Glue colored paper

First take a square paper. Then I folded the paper once at an angle to the left. Then I opened the fold and folded it to the right again.

I opened the fold of the paper again and folded it lengthwise once. I folded the corners once more.

Now fold the paper as shown in the picture below. Then I folded two corners from above.

I turned the paper upside down and folded it as shown in the picture below. Flip the paper over and fold the opposite side in the same way.

I have folded the two sides below. Then I opened the fold and turned it inside out.

I have folded the two corners again from the top. Then I cut the bottom two corners from the middle with scissors.

I turned the paper and folded the two corners from the top and brought it down. Then I folded it from the middle and wrapped it round towards the head.

Thus my colored paper grasshopper was made. Hope you all like it. Thank you all for taking the time to view my post. Everyone stay well, stay healthy, see you later with something new.

thank you

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Great job on adding texture to the paper to make them more realistic.
I'm inspired to try making some myself after seeing your post.
Kudos for bringing nature indoors with these paper creatures.
I appreciate the step-by-step guide you provided for making these grasshoppers.
Such a creative way to add some color to your space.
This post brings a smile to my face; thanks for sharing your art!
I can't believe these are made out of paper, they look so lifelike!
These grasshoppers could be a fun addition to a nature-themed display.
It's amazing how something so simple can be so delightful.
Your artistry really shines through in these colorful grasshoppers.
These paper grasshoppers are perfect for a summer craft project.
Wow, these paper grasshoppers are so vibrant and fun!
I love how you used different colors to make them stand out
Your artistic talent is evident in these adorable paper grasshoppers!
What a wonderful post. And what a delightful shade of green your grasshoppers are
This DIY project is both eco-friendly and adorable.
These paper grasshoppers would make lovely decorations for a party.
Nice art
I bet kids would have a blast making these with you.
Your attention to detail really sets these grasshoppers apart.
You've got a knack for turning simple materials into something extraordinary.
The details on each grasshopper are impressive!
I may just try to create one of my own. A great activity for kids. 🙏
I love the playfulness and creativity in your craft projects.
The mix of colors makes each grasshopper unique.