16 Feb 2023

Life is a journey, a never-ending road
With twists and turns, that oftentimes bode
A fate that we cannot see or predict
A journey that we must navigate, and not restrict

We start our lives, as tiny beings Innocent, pure, and free from all things
But as we grow, we begin to learn The lessons of life, that we must discern
We face the world, with all its complexity Its beauty, its sorrows, and its perplexity
We learn to crawl, to walk, to run
And soon we realize, that we're never done

We make friends, and find our way
Through school, through work, day by day
We laugh, we cry, we love, we lose
And sometimes we're forced to choose

But life goes on, with all its highs and lows
And we must learn, to cope with all its blows
We must embrace the beauty, and accept the pain
And never let our spirit, fall or wane

We find our purpose, as we journey on
We strive to make a difference, before we're gone
We seek to love, and to be loved in return
And leave behind, a legacy that will forever burn

For life is but a fleeting moment
A precious gift, that we must not torment
We must embrace it, with all our might
And live it, with all our passion and might

We must cherish, the moments that we share
With those we love, and those who care
We must never forget, the joys that we've had
And never give up, when things seem too sad

For life is a journey, that we all must make
A path that we must tread, with care and faith
And though we may stumble, and fall at times
We must rise again, and continue the climb

For life is a gift, that we must treasure
A blessing that we must not measure
And though it may be full of pain and strife
We must never forget, the beauty of life.

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