31 May 2022

Blockchain te chnology is spreading like fire across industries and busi nesses. It is currently used in digital voting, medical_record keepi ng, decentralized finance, ga ming, capital markets, supply c hain management, etc. More and more businesses and indiv idual users want to ta ke advantage of blockchain to increase trans parency, security, and communication. To leverage blockchain development in innovative use cases, organizations need to comprehend the program ming languages best suited for their upcoming projects. Here are the top 5 hottest blockchain prog ramming languages that are being utilized by start-ups and enterprises today.

1. Solidity:

A high-level programming language is getting more popularity as a blockc  hain developer la nguage, particularly for dApps development. If you are looking for a language for developing smart contracts on Ethereum-Blockchain, Solidity is the one. It is a contract-based language, allow_ing to store all the logic in the code of the Bl ockchain

2. Java:

With amazing code portability, it is the most popular programming language among application developers_. It has been used to create smart contracts such as Truffle, ARK, and some of the popular blockchains that are developed using Java include Ethereum, IOTA, NEM, and NEO.

3. Python:

Excellent with numbers, it is the preferred language for developing smart contracts. Known for its simplicity, i_t comes with libraries like NumPy,  Pandas, and Scipy used in various technical applications. The_ community support it has makes it the most suitable language to develop a blockchain project_.

4. C++:

Considered one of the top languages for building blockchain apps, for its ability to manipulate bloc_ks and chains. It gives you_ complete control over your system resources, all while being flexible. Initially adopted to code Bitcoins,_ it is now widely used for other popular blockchains like Ethereum, EOS, QTUM,  STRATIS, etc.

5. JavaScript:

In combination with NodeJS, it makes for a perfect choice_ to develop a Blockchain project. Its popularity_ lies in its usage of asynchronous code which_ lets a blockchain run without interruption_. And, with JavaScript, integration is a given, allowing the developers to focus on just application logic_.

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