As Long As You Keep Moving...

26 May 2024

Though your pace may be slow
as long as you keep moving
you'll conquer the road...

About This Poem:

This poem is a Tercet, which is defined as "A poetic unit of three lines, rhymed or unrhymed." The division into 3 lines suggests a deliberate attempt to create a rhythm and focus on each segment of the message. The lines have a rhythmic quality when read aloud. Each line has a natural pause, giving it a measured, almost meditative rhythm. The poem uses the metaphor of a journey ("pace," "moving," "conquer the road") to convey a deeper message about perseverance and progress. This use of metaphor is a hallmark of poetic language. Despite its brevity, the text conveys a profound message about determination and resilience

Original Content, Created By TAS.


Writer: TAS
Voiceover: Elevenlabs
Music: Serenity - Lish Grooves (YouTube Audio Library)
Footage Generated by: Adobe Firefly - Bing Image Creator

#motivation #success #keepgoing #inspiration #wisdom

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